This DIY recap highlights how I made lots (and lots!) of paper flowers and crafted them into beautiful wedding bouquets. My wedding colors were gray and yellow, so I decided to compliment the gray dresses with yellow bouquets.

Supplies: Scissors, pencil, colored paper, hot glue (gun and sticks), wire floral stems, super glue, ribbon, & any other embellishments you desire (I used costume jewelry from my late Grandmother for the Bridal bouquet).

L&M_1350 L&M_1349

Now, I get that this isn’t really a tutorial because I’m really just recapping a project that I’ve already done. That said, there are already lots of great tutorials about how to make these simple paper flowers on the inter webs. If you have any questions about making these please feel free to ask!

The reason why I opted for paper flowers was because I was trying to help my budget. I used yellow scrapbook paper from Michaels, which was (I think) about $0.60 per sheet (which yields 4 flowers). That’s only 15 cents per flower! If I’m not mistaken there were about 45 flowers per bouquet, so thats a total of $6.75 for the flowers! Add in minimal costs for the flower stems and ribbon (& other embellishments).


I was also able to ‘get away’ without having to purchase any flowers for my ceremony/reception because of the amazing venue that I held the wedding at. Both my ceremony and reception were at Artisan Works in Rochester, NY. If you haven’t heard of it check it out online- it’s amazing, and you’ll quickly realize why flowers were not necessary (there was enough visual interest without them)! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fresh flowers. I just opted for creative and budget-friendly for the wedding.

OH! I should mention that I also hand crafted some boutonnieres for the guys with similar paper flowers. They were small and simple. Check it-

L&M_1452 IMG_0256


And there you have it. Again, sorry this wasn’t an actual tutorial but if you have any specific questions about making these please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for checking it out!


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